The Influence of our Emotions in our Cooking (From Around the Globe)

Recently a friend told me about a pre-cooking ritual her mom performed, in order to ensure a positive state of mind, lest the negative emotions make their way into her food  This was an entirely new concept and it grabbed me, and I think it has some merit.

Weeknight Travel: Amsterdam (Smoked Salmon Pasta)

Quick Intro

This one comes in from the Netherlands, though it’s not necessarily a traditional dish.  Of course, smoked fish is certainly a mainstay in the Dutch diet, but this take on it is a quick and easy pantry meal that the whole family can get behind.

Delicious Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani)

When asked which Indian dish we should prepare for friends, the kids nearly always choose Butter Chicken (aka Murgh Makhani).  Note, however, that the home version DOESN’T COMPARE to the soupy, unnatural reddish orange version you might find in US restaurants.   The homestyle butter chicken is heavy on onions and tomatoes which disappear into the velvety butter, cashew and garam masala curry (or ‘gravy,’ as we would say in India).  It’s not spicy, but it IS flavorful and a crowd-pleaser so long as you don’t have any cashew allergies!

Borrowing from a Japanese Ritual for Miscarriage Condolences


This Mother’s and Father’s day, bolstered by a podcast and an NY Times piece, we gained the confidence to break cultural norms and borrow from a tradition outside our respective/collective cultures in order to remember an unborn child, lost in pregnancy.