Chorizo & Refried Bean Deliciousness as we honor Dia de Muertos & All Souls’ Day

Eats: Quick home version of La Slowteria’s El Soldado with Homemade Tortillas
TunesShazams at La Slowteria over the years
Dinner Convo:  Ways of Honoring Anscestors around the world, and sharing memories of family and friends who have died.


Cuba! Havana & Trinidad

classic car coming up on the capitol building

First Things, First

If you’re here, you’re likely prepping for an upcoming trip.  If you don’t already have some Cuban jazz on, please pause and put this Spotify playlist on.  Forget about travel restrictions!  I find it more of a crime not to be passively chair dancing to seductive beats of the claves, cowbells, bongos… and all the rest as you prepare for the trip!