Garam Masala Kale Chips

I’ve got a new favorite non-traditional food to add garam masala to: kale chips!  I hadn’t yet jumped on the kale chip bandwagon, but something moved me to buy a bunch at the farmers market the other day.  Washed, ripped apart, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and baked in a 300 degree oven (even a toaster oven!) until dried and the tiniest bit browned (15 mins? depends on how dry they are), leafy kale really does transform into a wonderful tasting, healthy snack that even my toothless 10-month-old loves!!  Add a little garam masala and wow!  And in just minutes of prep…

NYChildren @ Park51

NYChildren @ Park51

Today I took our munchkin to Park51 (otherwise known – incorrectly – as “the ground zero mosque”) for the NYChildren photography exhibit (photographer Danny Goldfield).  Even at nine months she had an absolute blast.  She’s a very social gal, and simply delighted in pointing at all the kids and doing her current greeting of “aak aak aak” (think of Bert’s laugh on Sesame Street).

Nalla Daaram / Black Thread

So we’ve been tying a black string onto our daughter’s leg because the gold/black bangles she’s been wearing (first on her ankles because they were too big) keep breaking. Apparently the thread serves the same purpose, but I’ve had a hard time finding details about it.  I’ll share what I did find here, but would love more info if you have it!

Favorite Non-Traditional Uses for Garam Masala

garam masala cashews


We always stock up on several of our spices during our trips to India.  It’s interesting to see how the proportions of various spices have changed over the years, due partly to the fact that we don’t exclusively cook Indian, and also because we use the Indian spices in ways my mother-in-law never intended (or imagined?).

Learning Telugu via YouTube

Good find!  To date, my time on YouTube had been limited only to viewing links sent by friends, every so often.  But in my frustration for not having any Telugu resources for our daughter, I searched and was psyched to come across some songs and rhymes.  They’re often referred to as Telugu nursery rhymes, but in my brief survey of friends, no one had learned these songs growing up.