Congrats, Nidhi!

So excited to see that one of our favorite artists – Nidhi Chanani – is headed to the White House as a champion of change!!  Yay, Nidhi!!

She is so talented.  Totally in love with almost every drawing, and also am a fan of the woodburnings as well.  The use of light within her drawings is pretty amazing, and I’m usually also taken by the colors… but I think I might enjoy the content most of all.  We love the multi-racial representations, and the drawings of moments in India are rare treats as well.  She’s has such a wonderful ability to capture special moments so well that I often find myself transported into the image as one of the characters – it just feels so real, so warm, and just so … real.

Some of our favorites, which we find to represent us: Cuddletown, Father & Daughter and Sari Mother & Daughter (someday… except I need blond hair in this one. 🙂 )  Peanut also has Jazz Tree in her room, which combines her love of music and animals so well. She says goodnight to the animals each night, after dancing to their music, first.  Now we need a new drawing, capturing love of one of your drawings, Nidhi! 😀

Congrats again! You deserve it.

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