Cultures Capsules come in many shapes and sizes!  The formats themselves vary, and how you you decide to apply them to share your story can range from a simpler online-only share on up to an anniversary party for many guests.

Here are some of the ways we can be of service.  Rates are variable depending on complexities.  Contact us to discuss. 


We Can Help You Host

We help clients host themed house concerts + dinner parties or themed storytelling events, cooking classes and all other sorts of permutations of food + music + stories.  Some examples below:

  • Party Planning – Make your next milestone a Cultures Capsule. That next big birthday can be a multi-sensory portrait of yourself!  Help curating your playlist and/or live music, menu and/or catering, and of course the stories you want to share.
  • Host Dinner Party with Live Music – You’re looking to make your next dinner party extra memorable by using the Cultures Capsule format?  We can help you do that.
  • Cooking Classes – We’ve hosted various private and group classes including Indian cooking classes, and a Kids Pita-making Party.  Our network of home cooks is expansive and ready to open their recipe books with you.

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We Can Help You Capture and Tell Your Story

By now you’ve seen that Cultures Capsules come in many shapes and sizes.  The formats themselves vary, and how you you decide to apply them to share your story can range from and online only share on up to an anniversary party for many guests.

  • Encapsulating the Memory of a loved one – Maybe there is someone special to you that you’d like to create multi-media portrait of? Here’s another example: a Multi-Media Tribute to the Legendary Musician Dr. John.
  • Capture Recipes – Are you stuck trying to interpret vague recipes from your mom, grandma or whomever you are trying to emulate in the kitchen?  Been there.  We can help you capture and test those recipes, and host them here in our online gallery if you wish.
  • Create a Cultures Capsule for one of your stories – Do you have a tradition, recipe or story that’s been in your family for ages?  Or a new one that represents the mosaic that you are?  We can help.

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Related Services

While we’re at it, here are some peripheral service offered by our founder Megs:

  • Personalized Family Mandala – Here is an example of a family mandala I created for a family I love dearly. It’s a nice companion to the multi-sensory Cultures Capsule family portrait because you can put it on your wall as a nice remembrance, or make it into personalized stationery, or …
  • In Memorial Personalized Mandala – I can create a mandala to represent your loved one. Some examples here, here, and here.  How detailed, and how symbolic or abstract is up to you.
  • Tradition Redux – Trying to sort out just how to breathe your values and reality in to a new tradition?  Let me help you (e.g. a created a meal blessing for a lesbian wedding).
  • Custom Greeting Cards – To date I haven’t officially offered these services because they are quite personal, but people have asked, so I’m exploring. The Etsy shop up but needs to be added to.
  • Co-working in Brooklyn – I open my home weekly for a co-working session (usually Thursdays) w/ some of my famous Masala Chai.  We can also plan for a chat, or just working fueled by chai and whatever snacks or lunch I decide to whip up that day.  Request a slot for chai co-working here.
  • Beastie Boys tour of NYC – Let’s have some fun visiting/experiencing some of the various NYC references in their songs.

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Looking forward to hearing from you…