Parents Getaway Weekend: Buenos Aires

If you can’t sleep on planes, read no further.

If you can sleep on planes (even if just enough to get you through the next day), have you considered going to South America for a weekend?  It hadn’t occurred to us before the trip, but having just returned from a quick, extended-weekend getaway in Buenos Aires, we’re wondering how we realized that the flights to much of South America are overnight in both directions (particularly the more south you go).

We had a few things to celebrate and wanted to do a weekend away for the 2 of us (leaving munchkin for her own vacation with my parents), but didn’t want to do something run-of-the-mill.  With seemingly too many choices (the world), we couldn’t narrow down where we wanted to go until last minute on a whim we attempted using miles for Buenos Aires miraculously, we were each able to book it.  We booked it minutes later, amazed that we could actually use our points, and psyched to finally visit South America, and pumped that night flights in both directions meant we didn’t waste time away from our daughter just traveling.

I suppose overnight flights aren’t for everyone, but for us it’s brilliant.  Years of consulting mean we can sleep fairly well on planes, and we both have a “sleep when your dead” mentality and stamina.  The standard, late afternoon cafe con leche also helped.

Tix aren’t cheap, but remember that you’re also saving on lodging while traveling overnight.  Got miles?  Even better!

Buenos Aires was a great parents’ weekend away for us because we were looking for a place to celebrate but also soak in some culture.  For mama particularly, it was a great place to celebrate certain freedoms (after 2 years of pregnancy and nursing): the Malbec was flowing, rare meat 1-2 times per day, and partying all night long.

Some of Our Favs
*Milongas – For our quick trip, we opted to skip the fancy show and went to a local milonga.  Great, local places to hear, watch, and learn how do dance tango.  We found a fav and wound up there each night, at some point.  Music included various bands and sometimes a recording, but the highlight must have been closing down the place one night (early morning), sitting around a table listening to a lovely acoustic tango of 2 guys with 2 guitars crooning while sitting right at a table, and 6-8 of us sat there in awe or singing along.
* Soccer – Couldn’t catch Boca Juniors while were there (though we did tour their stadium), but we did hit up a River Plate game. The love for the game is evident and puts our food-, drink- and socializing-centric sports watching in the US to shame.
* Steak – The only steak that blew us away was at Estillo Campo.  Don Julios was fun (love the sign-your-wine-bottle idea!), but the steak was no good.
* Empanadas1810 Cochina. Delic.  And I almost wish peanut was with us for this meal because they had a great little play area for kids.  I’m not talking McDonalds playground, I”m talking tasteful corner of toys to entertain kids for a bit while you finish your food (or more likely, your wine).
* Andean – Best meal was an accidental find on the day of the Plaza Dorrengo Market: La Carreteria.  More empanadas and finally tried the locro here.
* Recoleta Cemetery – Might have been my favorite sight!  I went in thinking I was checking a box (expectations weren’t high), but the 40 peso guide brought it all to life for us, and I really enjoyed it.
* Jueves a la Mesa – Though we didn’t actually make it here, I’m smitten by their gig (spice, veggies, exploring cuisines, and meeting new people, all wrapped up into one) and want to share.  Highly recommended by friends, we were SO were bummed to find out there were no lunches/dinners during our quick trip.

Have we convinced you?  Pack your bags and line up the grandparents!

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