We Can Help You Capture and Tell Your Story

We can help you share YOUR story with those around you, and/or maybe even feature you in our our online gallery

By now you’ve seen that Cultures Capsules come in many shapes and sizes.  The formats themselves vary, and how you you decide to apply them to share your story can range from and online only share on up to an anniversary party for many guests.

  • Encapsulating the memory of a loved one – Maybe there is someone special to you that you’d like to create multi-media portrait of? Here’s another example: a Multi-Media Tribute to the Legendary Musician Dr. John.
  • Multi-sensory Family Portrait – Just as we take photos at certain celebrations, a multi-sensory Cultures Capsule can represent a certain time, place and memory for a family.  The Soufi Family’s Syrian Brunch Feasts in Toronto is one great example.  Tip: it’s even more fun to see how they change over time!
  • Celebrate the Unfailing Family Recipe – Trace the preparation of this family recipe for Carnitas across 3 generations, learning the required beverage traditions and soundtrack, lest the food take on a bad taste.  We are especially adept at capturing vague recipes from that family member who refuses to use amounts or write anything down.  Been there…
  • Celebrate the Evolution of a Family Recipe – Just as often recipes take on lives of their own as location change, availability of ingredients, mixed families… all sorts of things.  Here we trace the evolution of the Butter Chicken recipe that is a family favorite of Megs, paired with music that parallels the evolution.
  • Create a Cultures Capsule for one of your stories – Do you have a tradition, recipe or story that’s been in your family for ages?  Or a new one that represents the mosaic that you are?  We can help.

Sharing your story via the online gallery is not required, but it’s certainly fun and pays it forward cuz you know how much fun it is to replicate others’ Cultures Capsules experience!

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