A Bit of Amsterdam: Smoked Salmon Pasta & Doe Marr

Eats: Smoked Salmon Pasta
Tunes: Doe Marr, via this Spotify playlist
Fun Fact(s): Three! See below…


This one comes in from the Netherlands, though it’s not necessarily a traditional dish.  Of course, smoked fish is certainly a mainstay in the Dutch diet, but this take on it is a quick and easy pantry meal that the whole family can get behind.

more salmon pasta, please!

An American friend who married a Dutch man is currently living in Amsterdam (for the 2nd time) with her husband and three young children.  This is her go-to weeknight dinner when there is no time, but she wants something healthy and interesting.  She says they always have smoked salmon or smoked mackerel around, and she’ll essentially just toss it with whatever cheese she has around and whatever green veggie she has around (frozen peas, asparagus…).  Her family devours it, and mine did, too!  And a big batch means packing lunchboxes for the next day is a cinch. Bonus!

Side note: notice the brew on the table?  I’ve thought about adding beverages to this series but haven’t yet.  But in case your curious, it’s from Brouweri Jhetij and is reportedly delicious.  If you’re in Amsterdam, take a tour! Our friends bring all their visiting friends and family there.



Our friends recommend some fun Doe Marr for your Dutch-esque meal, and probably a post-dinner dance off because we doubt you can keep from moving to those punk/ska/reggae beats!  Spotify playlist here.


3 Fun Facts

  1. The Dutch go crazy for hagelslag, which is their version of sprinkles but WAY better.  There are various flavors and colors, always enjoyed atop butter-covered biscuits or bread (rather than on ice cream or cupcakes).   There is also a special version of sprinkles called muisjes (mouse in Dutch), which is eaten at the birth of a baby (color-coded in blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby).  Muisjes are very much like saunf (also sugar-coated fennel seeds, but are colored differently, and also used differently.  This family sent me some 6 years ago to celebrate the birth of our first, and I have to say that topping them on buttered biscuits was amazingly delicious.
  2. Legend has it that there are more bikes then people in Amsterdam!  There’s also an urban legend that 25,000 bikes end up in the canal each year! (editors note: feels like there is an extra zero or two on there, but don’t shoot the messenger!)
  3. Eet Smakellijk!! (aka ‘enjoy your meal!’ and literally ‘eat tasty’ in Dutch)



  • 1 lb pasta
  • 2 cups frozen peas (or asparagus or broccoli, or…)
  • cheese or pesto or both! (Boursin, Parmesan, Asiago, pesto… or just some dill/Parmesan/shallots cooked up quickly in the pasta pan)
  • smoked salmon (she prefers the steak of smoked salmon, which flakes off easy for simple tossing w/ the pasta.


  • Cook Pasta according to the directions
  • When it’s almost done, throw in frozen veg, until warmed.
  • Drain pasta, reserving a bit of the pasta water to assist with the “sauce”
  • Make a sauce of whatever is on hand, mix it with the pasta and toss in the smoked salmon

Eet Smakellijk!!