Holi, in NYC

Celebrating Holi in NYC can be tricky.  The weather here in March can basically be opposite that of India, which makes throwing colors a messier affair (what with all that winter gear to wash!).  But the intrepid among us will find ways to make it happen, despite (or in spite of) any challenges.

Some people just postpone the festival for better weather, like our friends over at NYC Bhangra.  They hold their annual Holi Hai celebration in May, and it has grown so much that this year they moved it Governors Island!  SO much fun. 

And in our family, instead of praying for good weather, we began praying for snow around Holi because as it turns out, extra laundry not withstanding, the colors are SO bright and lovely in the snow!!

Holi colors in the snow!

And those new traditions that are born (often based on or blended from ancient traditions), take on new and often more resonant meanings. I think the NYC Holi Video captures that sentiment SO beautifully, and particularly for Diversity.

How do you adjust your celebration of Holi based on where you are, or who you are with?